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Of two Minds

Posted in Body Mod on March 25th, 2008 by angry-monk

Hrmmm I am of two minds about this.

One one hand I am glad that we are finally reaching a stage in our social and scientific development where our physical form is becoming more fluid and subject to individual aesthetics.

On the other hand you _know_ that this and similar procedures are primarily going to appeal to and be used by people like this…

“I cast magic missile on your heart!”


I think overall I’m glad to see it as it’s one more step towards us shirking off these boring old standard forms for far more interesting things but it’s not going to be a pretty transitional period.


Some background…

Posted in News on March 22nd, 2008 by angry-monk

Since these blogs always seem to have some kind of “about the author” page I would like to draw your eyes to the right where there is now an “About Angry Monk” link for a bit of a brief light background on me. I’m sure it’s not interesting and I’ll probably expand it as I go. In the meantime enjoy the fuzzy voyeuristic glance into my existence.

Live vicariously through me! I demand it!

Angry Monk’s Transhuman and Futurist blog created.

Posted in News on March 21st, 2008 by angry-monk

Hi there, I have created this site and blog as an outlet for some of my thoughts on Transhumanism, body modificaton and futurism in general. I will probably be linking to various interesting things, posting some thoughts and with a bit of luck providing some interesting content.

Having said that I expect this site to have a readership of one (me) for quite some time. So if you are reading this (and you’re not me)  then welcome and I hope you find something interesting here.