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Sensory Extensions

Posted in Body Mod, Enhancement on April 22nd, 2008 by angry-monk

One of the central ideas of transhumanism is the enhancement of the human condition and experiance. This can vary in meaning from person to person and even from topic to topic within the same individual.

For me, my main areas of interest are enhancing my enjoyment and experiance of the world around me. This is a fairly broad requirement and actually covers everything from life extension (gives me more time to experiance and appreciate the world.) to more base hedonistic experiences.

As a result I’ve always been fascinated in things that let me sample and experiance the world in ways my normal biology doesn’t allow, such as insane jealousy of the multi-spectrum vision of the predator in the movies of the same name. Much to my delight there have been a couple of modern forays into this type of enhancement that I’ve been following with interest and I will detail them here… Read more »

“Hi there, I’m a transhumanist”

Posted in Body Mod on April 22nd, 2008 by angry-monk

I suppose it’s because I’ve always been interested in body modification and body art that I’ve often thought about the kind of body art that Transhumanist and Futurist proponents could get to, as a group, signify externally their internal views.

There are plenty of examples of it in other areas of human endeavour; athletes who attend the Olympics get the 5 rings tattooed on themselves, members of various millitaries get them to signify branch and service. So it got me to thinking about a similar symbol for Transhumans. Read more »

Of two Minds

Posted in Body Mod on March 25th, 2008 by angry-monk

Hrmmm I am of two minds about this.

One one hand I am glad that we are finally reaching a stage in our social and scientific development where our physical form is becoming more fluid and subject to individual aesthetics.

On the other hand you _know_ that this and similar procedures are primarily going to appeal to and be used by people like this…

“I cast magic missile on your heart!”


I think overall I’m glad to see it as it’s one more step towards us shirking off these boring old standard forms for far more interesting things but it’s not going to be a pretty transitional period.