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Some background…

Posted in News on March 22nd, 2008 by angry-monk

Since these blogs always seem to have some kind of “about the author” page I would like to draw your eyes to the right where there is now an “About Angry Monk” link for a bit of a brief light background on me. I’m sure it’s not interesting and I’ll probably expand it as I go. In the meantime enjoy the fuzzy voyeuristic glance into my existence.

Live vicariously through me! I demand it!

Angry Monk’s Transhuman and Futurist blog created.

Posted in News on March 21st, 2008 by angry-monk

Hi there, I have created this site and blog as an outlet for some of my thoughts on Transhumanism, body modificaton and futurism in general. I will probably be linking to various interesting things, posting some thoughts and with a bit of luck providing some interesting content.

Having said that I expect this site to have a readership of one (me) for quite some time. So if you are reading this (and you’re not me)  then welcome and I hope you find something interesting here.